Covers the progression and interpretation of early symbols, from those seen on simple markers in family burial plots, to the more elaborate ones found in the Rural cemeteries of the Victorian era, and later still, in the Memorial Parks of today. We discuss modern examples of memorialization and the techniques and skills of the early slate and sandstone carvers, and contrast with today's techniques such as laser etching.

Punctuated by stories and stunning, moving and humorous examples from cemeteries near and far.

This is a hands-on workshop.

After an introduction to the work of the early carvers and those that still practice this art form today, we will guide you through the process of recording cemetery art through photography, rubbings and foil impressions. Culminates with each participant creating their own foil impression from a gravestone cast.

Incorporates a photographic presentation and a demonstration of letter-carving on stone.

This presentation tells several redemption stories, about cemeteries gone to rack and ruin, and now recovering and healthy, thanks to good friends, common sense solutions, and some highly innovative ideas.

Come and hear the stories we have to tell, illustrated with photographs and video clips, and learn what we have discovered about the events that contribute to decline and rise. Perhaps you will find some new ways to help a cemetery in your orbit.

Format and Prices

The presentations are targeted for adults and focused teens, and each lasts about 60 minutes, including a short time for questions. The number of participants is not limited. The price is $175, plus travel at 35c/mile and tolls.

The workshop is limited to 20 participants, though additional people can attend as observers. It lasts about 70-75 minutes. The price is $200 which includes materials, plus travel at 35c/mile and tolls.