Samantha is a student who has always had a strong interest in folklore, symbolism, and the paranormal. She learned public speaking and leadership skills through her co-op, School of the Minds, located in Irmo, SC. She formed a kid’s club recognized by the National Park Services and, for a couple of years, continued to run it at the Rutgers Geology Museum in New Jersey.

Since she was young, Samantha has been visiting cemeteries and became fascinated by the history of the people, the art, and the symbolism, recorded on the headstones. Attending Lorna and Phil Wooldridge’s Gravestone and Symbolism Workshop gave her a better understanding, and inspired her to continue researching and preserving cemeteries and graveyards.

Samantha is thankful and proud to continue the work of Wise Owl Workshops that Lorna and Phil Wooldridge began. She wants to continue to educate others as she learns and grows herself. She is looking forward to what lies ahead.

You can contact Samantha by email or by phone on (732) 829 3330

Danielle majored in criminal justice and is currently working as a teacher. She volunteers within her educational community, for any event planning and social gatherings, and where ever else she can be of assistance. Danielle also shares Samantha’s passion for history, cemeteries, and the paranormal, and is excited to be part of Wise Owl Workshops.

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