Presentations and workshops for adults and focused teens. Click here for details.

Hands-on workshops targeted at a teen (age 11-16) audience. Limited to 20 participants. Click here for details.

New Workshops for 2016. Variable age-range dependng on subject. Click here for details.

Workshops that are still as hands-on but for a younger age range. Limited to 20 participants. Click here for details.

Educational, fun and informative

We developed our presentations and workshops to be all of these things and more. The teen and children's workshops incorporate teaching interspersed with stories and games that validate and re-enforce what has been presented. We have an interactive style that allows us to address particular questions or comments that may arise, and we always finish with a hands-on investigation or art activity.

Adults are able to concentrate for longer periods, but we still use photographs, stories and anecdotes keep the interest of our audience. If time allows, we are happy to offer a time for questions at the end.